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JOSAM wheel alignment – fast, accurate and repeatable wheel alignment for heavy vehicles. 
FES offer Josam’s most advanced wheel alignment system, JOSAM i-track, the leading system on the market with unsurpassed speed. With minimized measuring time, the workflow in your workshop will be more efficient. In the range of wheel alignment systems we also have JOSAM cam-aligner, the latest camera technology based system. Finally, JOSAM laser AM is a mechanic system with less need for electricity. Depending on the layout of your workshop and other factors, Josam definitely has the wheel alignment system for your needs. 


For Josam’s straightening systems there are certain parts, equipment and accessories that are unique for only one straightening system. Other products are general equipment which is used in all of the straightening systems. This kind of equipment you will find here, under General straightening equipment. 
Equipment storage 
Play detectors 
Wheel adapters 
Tie rod tools 
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