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JOSAM induction heating – Safe heating without a flame 
Josam, a pioneer when it comes to the use of heat in the straightening of axles, vehicle frames, crane jibs, etc. offers an effective and reliable method of heating, which results in a cleaner work environment. 
The risk for damaging cables and such when heating with an open flame is completely eliminated. Good regulating controls make it easier to achieve the correct temperature, heating depth and size of the heated area. 

Products in the Range: 


High efficiency with a controlled heating output 
Phase monitors, cooling water regulators, as well as built-in safety fuses 
An effective inductor which is easy to service 
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All products come with: 


Modular Adaptive Energy Technology is an adaptive process regulator with variable frequency control and extremely fast FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) providing operationally safe and energy saving control of the induction heating. 


Automatic cooling in the induction heaters means that the cooler is only active when needed. In contrast to continuous machine cooling this makes the work environment quieter and reduces energy consumption. 


The technology incorporated in Josam’s induction heaters makes them extremely efficient and energy saving. Therefore Josam is a truly environmentally friendly choice. 


The USB connection simplifies servicing and upgrading the software. The platform is future-proof and upgradable thanks to an interface linking software and hardware from separate modules. 
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