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BrakeMate™ Brake Maintenance System 

BrakeMate has been designed as an elevated service platform for servicing heavy vehicle disc brake assemblies; it eliminates all manual lifting during the disc brake maintenance process and substantially reduces service time and in turn saves money. 

The Benefits 

Eliminate manual lifting of Calliper, Hub and Rotor 
Reduce the risk of back injury 
Ideal work height 
Reduce service time 
Specially designed for bus, 
truck and trailer maintenance needs 
Reduce maintenance times and costs 
Easy to use and offers major OH&S benefits 
Australian designed and manufactured 
Drum brake adapter option available 
The BrakeMate ™ is manufactured in Australia by Tulip Corp an ISO accredited company with over 75 years of manufacturing excellence. 

BrakeMate™ V-Splitter Large Vehicle Hub and Rotor Separator 

Tulip’s BrakeMate® is revolutionising the way workshops are managing brake replacement on large vehicles. 
One area in Brake maintenance that can often lead to difficult problems is a seized Rotor Assembly. 
Extended use and difficult operating environments can cause the rotors to fuse together with rust and make it almost impossible to separate the components without destructive and sometimes dangerous methods being used to pull them apart. 
BrakeMate V-Splitter

BrakeMate V-Splitter 

After extensive design and testing Tulip Australia has designed the V Splitter. 
The Tulip V-Splitter is a tri-piston hydraulic tool designed to separate Rotor/Hub assemblies that are seized or very difficult to get apart. 
At the heart of the V-Splitter are three 10 tonne hydraulic pistons, strategically located in a tri-radial pattern, to maximise the pushing efficiency of the 
Fluid flow to each piston can be controlled by increasing or decreasing flow rate by opening or closing high pressure needle valves supplied with the V-Splitter. 
BrakeMate V-Splitter
The V-Splitter has been designed to integrate easily with the BrakeMate®, but can also be used as a standalone unit. 
The V-Splitter comes in both European and USA models. 
V-Splitter separates seized components in seconds 
OH&S benefits for reduced injuries and worker safety 
Decrease repair time for Rotor and Brake replacement 
Design Integrated with Tulip BrakeMate® 
Easy to use and operate 
Individual flow valves for direct Piston Control 
Hoses and 3 hydraulic pistons rated for 10T each 
Lightweight unit with ergonomic Finger Grip 
Optional Hydraulic controller foot pedal for ease of use 

BrakeMate™ MAN/DAF Kit For Unitised Hub 

If your workshop is servicing Unitised Hubs, you may find our MAN/DAF Kit very helpful to handle your servicing needs without having to lift or carry heavy rotor and caliper parts. 
The MAN/DAF Kit is designed to be used with used with Tulip’s BrakeMate® System. 
Initised hubs can be found on many vehicles including manufactureres such as MAN and DAF. The MAN/DAF Kit can be used to safely remove and install Unitised Hubs. 

BrakeMate™ Mercedes Adator 

If your workshop is servicing Mercedes Hubs, you may find our Mercedes 
Adaptor very helpful to handle your servicing needs without having to lift or carry heavy rotor and caliper parts. 
The Mercedes Adaptor is designed to be used with Tulip’s BrakeMate® System. 
There are multiple designs of Mercedes Hub Models that can utilize this adaptor as the hub models can have various the PCDs. 
The BrakeMate® Mercedes Adaptor has beendesigned to accommodate various hub types. 
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